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Low Voltage Letter-Lite® System

Distinctive, low maintenance silhouette lighting

Lake Shore Industries' exclusive back lighting system was designed for installation into our custom-fabricated aluminum products. The system provides low-voltage, low-maintenance silhouette lighting for letters, logos, and symbols starting at 12" in height and a minimum 2" stroke width.

Each L-15 incandescent lamp unit is sealed with epoxy in a polycarbonate lens and housing. Bulb life expectancy is 15,000 hours, 12-volt lamps are designed at 14 volts, .33 amps and rated at 2.0 candlepower. They measure approximately 2-1/2" long, 1-1/4" wide, and 3/4" high. Two brass receptacles are covered with a corrosion-preventative compound and snap onto a plug that is secured by a polycarbonate bracket which ties together all the lamps within the letter. Wiring provided is 14/2 with ground.

The lamps operate on 10-1/2 volts from a #TA-52608 transformer. Line voltage required to the transformer is 120 or 240 volts AC primary, which provides two (2) circuits of 10-1/2 volts each, 37-1/2 amps per circuit or 75 amps total secondary. A maximum of 300 lamps per transformer is recommended, with the load divided. A 277-volt transformer is also available.

Minimum height required for lighted letters is 12", with a 2" stroke and 2" depth minimum. Standard installation includes L-15 LETTER-LITE® lamps, plugs, and bracket assembly with post installed in back channel of letters. Approximately 3-1/3 lamps are used per running foot of lighted area.
Lamp colors available: Clear, Green, Amber, and Red.

The LETTER-LITE® system resists wind, rain, snow, and vibration. Weather-proof box for transformer is available. Typical installations have been in place for up to 25 years with little or no lamp replacement.

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